It's Business ... and It's Personal

the personality traits experts think are essential for starting a business

V1 Staff

Jim Mishefske, director of UWEC’s Small Business Development Center
"Being organized is huge. Other than that, it’s being outgoing, a multi-tasker, and objectively realistic instead of idealistic. Can you afford to fail? If you cut your revenue in half, and doubled your expenses, can it work?"

Mike Dieckman, vice president and loan officer of Wisconsin Business Development’s Eau Claire office
"A strong work ethic and a passion for what you do. Attention to detail and a willingness to listen to your customers."

Cindy Graffeo, business assistance specialist for Eau Claire’s Economic Development Division
"Unwavering dedication and belief in what you do, and the ability to do it on very little sleep."

Barb Rolland, certified counselor for SCORE
"They should like dealing with people, be willing to take risks, have an understanding of numbers, and competence/experience in their line of work."

Bob Krause, owner of Invisible Inc., former president of South Barstow Business Improvement District, and a member for Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network
"You have to have a passion about what you’re doing, and be exhaustive in your efforts. It’s not for the weak-spirited. It takes tenacity and following through on what you want to accomplish. It’s so easy to swing off on a tangent because it’s fun. Stay the course, but don’t avoid opportunities."

Karman Briggs, manager of the Business Center for Western Dairyland Community Action Agency
"No matter what the business is, entrepreneurs need to have people skills – willing to solicit potential clients, stick up for yourself when negotiating with vendors, find resources when you need assistance. You may really like making widgets. But if you want to start a business around these widgets, you have to be willing to wear a lot of different hats. And, you need to be realistic about what you are simply unable or unwilling to do (recordkeeping is a good example) and hire someone to fill those roles."