SweetheArts (2012 Edition)

Bailey Berg, photos by Andrea Paulseth


Anna Kaiser
artist and graphic designer

Erik Christenson
artist and graphic designer


Erik Christenson and Anna Kaiser met at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design during their freshman year.

“We were taking an observation drawing class together,” Anna said. “I was drawing a skull, and  Erik told me it looked like Skeletor from He-Man.”

Flash forward seven years and the newly engaged couple are living and working as graphic designers – Erik at Menomonie’s Big Dot of Happiness, Anna at Documation in Eau Claire. Each totes an impressive résumé. They’ve both done design work for Nickelodeon, Anna has illustrated for children’s and coloring books, and Erik has designed for Picture Window Books and Urban Threads – not to mention they’ve each also had works featured on the cover of Volume One.

“Erik likes to do a lot of monsters and creatures,” said Anna. “Whereas I do more nature and animals.”

“Though a lot of people say our 2D styles look similar,” Erik added, “I think it’s the target market for our work, and the way we think.”

Working in a shared space probably doesn’t hurt, either. The duo has transformed their upstairs into a studio – they each have their own side – for their freelance work.

“The whole upstairs is dedicated to the studio,” Anna said. “It helps us get into a mindset, and focus on our art.”

Though many artists prefer to work alone, the couple said they enjoy having the shared space because working together helps push them to create.

“We feel comfortable critiquing each other,” Anna said. “We don’t get frustrated with each other because we know it helps.”