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One of those band members is Bon Iver drummer and solo artist Sean Carey. He began working out with Rogers a few years ago and has since kept up with him, even training for a half marathon. Carey said he likes the exercises because they are low weight and work your full body, as well as the portability.

“As far as the amount of travel I do, it’s perfect and it’s awesome being able to have that knowledge to be able to work out in our hotel room,” Carey said, calling from New York before playing Saturday Night Live. “We just did that last night.”

The video is soundtracked by local songs handpicked by Rogers, including tracks by Megafaun, We Are the Willows, Meridene, and Laarks.

While the workouts are demonstrated by musicians, Rogers stressed that this DVD is for a greater audience. He said anyone who travels, or even those who may be stuck at home with the kids, can benefit from the portability of the routines.

“That’s the thing with On The Road, you can literally take this DVD and take this workout anywhere. … The idea is to be able to work out wherever you are.”

The video is broken up into three circuits: body weight, weighted, and abs. While it’s a good workout, Rogers said it’s very casual and I’m sure the outdoor setting and local music gives it a nicer vibe than the techno-pounding videos you might purchase from an infomercial.

It certainly helps that Rogers himself is a down-to-earth, easy-going person. He and his brother, who is also a certified trainer, work with everyone from professional athletes to physicians in their homes to cater the program to the individual in order to keep them interested and able to keep fitness a part of their lives for the long haul.

“It’s more about trying to always stay healthy and keep it sustainable, not just going for a quick fix.”

You can order the DVD on his website, www.rogcity.com or at The Local Store.

Check out the trailer: