Shame On This

local alt rockers Bound 2 Break unleash third album

Lindsey Quinnies

I couldn’t imagine a better atmosphere in which to get to know Bound 2 Break than in the back of a bar, throwing back cheap beer. Listening to Ryan Pittinger (bass), Gordon Alitizer (guitar), Jared (drums), and Dwayne Gruhlke (vocals/guitar) shout back and forth about their love of performing and willingness to sacrifice to be able to “live what they do” is more than heartening, and left me super eager for their next show (Feb. 28 at Fine Line Café in Minneapolis). What they’re stoked about right now, though, is the release of their third album, Shame on This …, a title they describe as a “sarcastic throwback” and their response to all the people who’ve looked down on them for just wanting to play music and not being too serious about anything else.

The Eau Claire group, self-described as “dirty rock pop alternative,” gets their musical inspiration from bands like Guns ‘n Roses, Third Eye Blind, Van Halen, Silver Chair, and the Goo Goo Dolls. These dudes are just talented musicians that sincerely love what they do and that sentiment oozes from their music; their genuine style finds the ideal balance between tapping into just the right amount of your dark side and uplifting comfort lyrics.

After more than two years of playing together, Bound 2 Break prides themselves on not being a bar cover or weekend band, but a serious concert band that collectively constructs all its own music and lyrics. Their new album, recorded by guru Jamie Hansen, highlights the band’s versatility; some tracks are bright, some are dark – but, overall, it’s a complete album that the band is proud to stamp their name on.

Shame on This showcases the maturity level, creativity level, and mostly the comfort level that they have worked to achieve over the years as a group. You can pick up a copy at one of their shows and various local stores. Bound 2 Break still has an insatiable thirst to keep pushing and will always strive to be bigger and better. As Ryan put it, a really reputable band must “gel as a machine” and Bound 2 Break seems to have attained that.