Sweet Tunes from Formal Local Justin Hertz

Jenna Campbell

With the coldest days of winter upon us, we could all use a bit of optimism. And that’s just what local singer/songwriter Justin Hertz promises to provide with his second album, Better Than Yesterday, released in January. Hertz is an Eau Claire native and recent graduate from Madison’s business program and said, although he is pursuing a career in the business world, music plays a huge part in his life. “Making and writing music is such a unique and personal experience,” Hertz said. “Any kind of emotion that I have, I come back to playing my guitar.”

In 2009, Hertz began to upload his music to Bandcamp. Though he typically only shares his music with close friends and family, he said he is open to exposing more people to his music. “I play more just for myself,” Hertz said. “I’m not looking to get huge and famous or anything. If my music’s supposed to get out, it will.” With what he calls a “Zen approach to music” Hertz said he’s written around 50 songs since he first picked up the guitar at age 16. He describes his music as “laid-back” and “goofy” and said his lyrics are inspired by experiences. This appreciative view on the world can be heard in Hertz’s new song, The World Keeps Dancing, which he said he wrote while at a cabin near the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan. “Most of my songs are about girls and the cliché love, but I’d like to think there’s more to it than that,” Hertz said. “Maybe love is a good analogy for life … of the beauty of this world and how you can always grow and change.”

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