PESI Healthcare Takes Its Local Publishing to the Mainstream

Liv Nelson

Already recognized nationally as one of the premier publishers of professional healthcare education resources, locally based non-profit organization CMI Education Institute has been gaining the attention of an even bigger market with the release of The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life by Judith Belmont and Lora Shor. This newest release, a self-help health and wellness book, is the first of its kind for Premier Publishing and Media, a component of PESI HealthCare, which joined the CMI family last year. CMI works with some of the leading experts in the world, receiving international recognition and praise for their publications regarding mental health and psychology topics. Yet, amidst all their international success, they continue to publish here in the Chippewa Valley, adding jobs and maintaining a community focus as they expand. With the addition of general public titles, CMI hopes to connect with a broader audience. “We hope that people in the Chippewa Valley will see some of our books sitting on bookshelves and run across them more often,” said Vice President of Sales Mike Olson. “Our books are not just for professionals anymore, but they are also for the general public to help make their lives better as well.” CMI Education will continue to produce locally published products with the release of eight new titles due out this spring, and more to come throughout the year. The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life is available now online at or