Youth Lit Book Club Starts in Eau Claire

Liv Nelson

Local professor Amy Schlieve addresses the challenges of understanding the teenage brain in her new book, It’s All About Being a Teen: 99 Lessons for Developing Nurturing Values and Skills in Adolescents. Along with co-author Stephen Bavolek, Schlieve, an education professor and special education program director at UW-Stout, developed the 99 lessons to help empower teens develop healthy lifestyle choices. The lessons cover 15 competency areas, such as increasing self-awareness, love and dating, and handling peer pressure. Schlieve combined her more than 30 years of experience in the field with research by Bavolek’s company NurturingParent to present data-driven and field-tested lessons. While the book serves as an accessible classroom resource for health teachers and specialists, Schlieve notes the book is for anyone and everyone who works with teenagers. “We want to build skills, awareness, and healthier lives in all teenagers,” said Schlieve. It is available at NurturingParenting.com.