Pizza, Plus a New Owner

Pizza Plus bar and eatery to reopen in February

Trevor Kupfer

New Year’s marked the end of an era for 208 S Barstow St., and at the beginning of February a new one will already begin. The Kitzberger family that ran Bottle & Barrel (established 1957) and Pizza Plus (established 1984) closed their doors for the last time after a New Year’s farewell. For the remainder of January, they will be clearing the building out and making way for a new family. The Haas family will officially take over the building on Jan. 30 under Pizza Plus LLC, with Benny Haas heading up the operation. Benny is the owner of Benny HaHa Art Supply (located just next door). Sometime in early February, Haas says he hopes to reopen the doors as “Pizza Plus on steroids. We’re bringing back the lunch buffet, expanding the menu … and live music will be back.” He plans to do some minor renovations to the bar and eatery before opening, and has plans to fully restore the upstairs level for seven apartments. When the downtown reconstruction begins in 2013, Haas said the business may make a transformation. But, for now, he’s focused on bringing new life to the celebrated downtown establishment.

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