Wedding Questions: A Check List

a good starting point for any wedding plan is a big ol’ checklist

The Wedding March Begins

___ What’s your budget?
___ What’s the guest list?
___ Who’s paying for what, and how much?
___ Where will the reception venue be?
___ Where will the ceremony be?
___ What’s the date?

Walking Down the Aisle

___ Who’s in the wedding party?
___ Are you going to want a wedding website?
___ Have you found the perfect dress?
___ Where will guests stay?
___ Who’s performing the ceremony?
___ What traditions will the ceremony follow?

The Greeting by Officiant

___ Who’s your caterer?
___ Who’s doing flowers?
___ Who’s your photographer and/or videographer?
___ Who’s doing the cake?
___ Who’s handling music/entertainment at the reception?
___ What colors will the decorations and wedding party follow?

The Reading of Vows

___ Have you selected the food options?
___ Have you booked the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner venues?
___ How are you decorating for the ceremony and reception?
___ What are the bridesmaids going to wear?
___ Do you have the rental equipment you need (chairs, chair covers, tables, tablecloths, etc.)?
___ Who’s doing music at the ceremony?

The Exchanging of Rings

___ Have you booked a honeymoon?
___ Who’s handling beverages?
___ Who’s handling transportation?
___ Who’s doing everyone’s hair and makeup?
___ What are you doing for rings or wedding bands?
___ How will you handle invitations and/or save-the-dates?

The Crying of Guests

___ Is all the structural stuff handled (tents, toilets, etc.)?
___ How about electrical (entertainment, mics, lighting, etc.)?
___ Who’s gonna be ushers?
___ Who’s sitting where at the ceremony and reception?
___ Who’s the flower girl and ring bearer?
___ What are the guys in the wedding party going to wear?

The Couple’s Kiss

___ What, if any, will be your wedding favors for the guests?
___ How about the gifts for the wedding party?
___ Have you selected songs for the band/DJ to play?
___ Have you decided who will speak/toast at the ceremony and reception?
___ Do you have all the accessories you want/need?
___ Where will you register?

The Rice is Thrown

___ What will you register?
___ Do you have a detailed timeline for the day of?
___ Have you written vows?
___ Do the best man and maid of honor have what they need to plan parties?
___ Does anything you’re doing need insurance?
___ Does one of you need dance lessons?

The Cans Drag Behind the Limo

___ Did you get a marriage license?
___ Does the photographer/videographer have detailed shot instructions/preferences?
___ Do you have something old, new, borrowed, and blue?
___ Are your shoes worn in for dancing/mobility?
___ Have you picked up everything you needed to?
___ Have you called the lazy guests who haven’t RSVPd?

A New Life Together

___ Have you quadruple checked with everyone?
___ Have you lined up an announcement in the paper?
___ Are you prepared for the financial merger (prenup, joint checking, tax breaks, etc.)?
___ Have you decided any name changes and how to go about that?
___ Are you prepared to write thank you notes?
___ Are you packed to leave for the honeymoon?