NOTA Expands to Include Music Accompaniment

Tuesday Wustrack, photos by Zach Oliphant

Moro at a recent NOTA reading.
Moro at a recent NOTA reading.

NOTA, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s literary and arts publication, began in the 1970s and was designed to showcase exceptional pieces of writing and art. But as recent as this past fall, the publication introduced a new element to the production and the community: a music zine.

“NOTA has been coined as the ‘creative arts’ publication on campus,” said Art Director Brenna Signe, “and I thought it definitely wasn’t complete without music since there’s so much talent here.”

Every semester, the staff advertises for pieces of writing and art submissions. The best of which (decided by anonymous voting) are printed in their zine. But since music was new to the production, they also contacted music majors and artists personally about submitting their sounds, said Signe.

Eleven artists and bands are included in the Fall 2011 NOTA Music Zine (found on racks around campus). It contains a variety of genres, from the a-cappella style of Audacious, to Coriolis Effect’s jazz ensemble, to the hip-hop and spoken word of Dan Johnson, and Adelyn Rose’s rock indie style, among others. The zine provides a photo of the artist or group, a bio, their inspiration, and links to their websites. And NOTA also created a Bandcamp page where you can listen and download tracks from the featured musicians.

NOTA hosts open readings for the literary pieces every month at The Cabin in Davies Center. This year, they feature a band or artist at each one to incorporate all of the creative elements of the publication, said Signe. “It’s been a real asset to NOTA,” said Editor-in-Chief Anna Field.

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