So you wanna try snow sculpting?

get your chance this year at Winter After Hours

Nick Meyer


Winter After Hours, 2010
Winter After Hours, 2010

When Volume One and the Eau Claire Parks and Recreation Department teamed up to create Winter After Hours two years ago, the mission was to help change the winter scene in Eau Claire. 


Every Thursday night in January and February, Winter After Hours takes over Boyd Park on Eau Claire’s Eastside Hill. There’s ice skating and snowshoeing (affordable rentals for both!), winter kubb, hot drinks, a firepit, and of course snow sculpting. So far, every week has featured Eau Claire’s own pair of internationally-competitive snow carvers, The Starvin’ Carvists. But this year, you might get your chance to give it a try, and the pros will be there to show you how.

To further that mission of changing winter in Eau Claire, and in an effort to help build an actual snow carving “scene,” Volume One and the Carvists are hoping to set up a few workshops that show you how to fill the mold, envision your piece, use the tools, and finish the job. After that, newbies can submit ideas and drawings for the chance to use our snow mold and carve for one of several Winter After Hours events this year. Who knows, in a few years maybe this could help foster a whole new snow carving event. But you’ve got to crawl before you can run, so take advantage of this opportunity and give it a try!


Email or call Volume One to get on the info list, with no obligation. We’ll keep you in the loop. And watch for details. Email: Phone: 715-552-0457

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