Dunn County SnowPark gets even awesomer

Since starting in 2009 and having major rehauls last year, the Dunn County SnowPark will become an even more awesome monument in Menomonie with the few sweet new additions they’ve got in store.

All those who live to shred, whether it be snowboarding or skiing, will be catching big time air on the new jumps built up from humongous dirt piles embedded within the hill. They spent a good chunk of time this summer movin’ around earth via bulldozers to make said awesomeness. To add an urban element, hill rep Christian Peterson said they also installed a retaining wall feature, and several trees were planted at the top of the hill.

The sledding area is protected by being in the middle, so it would be nearly impossible to hit one of these jumps without deliberately doing so. That being said, it is a “ride at your own risk” park.

Another added bonus this year was going to be lights for those who enjoy a rush of freezing cold wind in your face at midnight. But, unfortunately, the power source for the lights will be unable to be installed until next winter. When they do go in, the lights will be run on generators occasionally for limited occupancy Friday night sessions.

And after you take full advantage of the hill this winter, stayt in tune as it gets warm. This summer, the top of the hill of the park may be transformed into a bike park with a pump track, jumps, and burns throughout the trails, Peterson said.

With all of this new awesomeness happening, it’s definitely worth the trip to check it out!

Dunn County SnowPark • 620 17th St., Menomonie • dcsnowpark.com