The Underpants

UW-Stout to stage Steve Martin-penned play

There’s some underpants in the scene somewhere.
There’s some underpants in the scene somewhere.

Just in time for the holidays, a comedic farce to get your belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly. Underpants is an adapted play written in 2002 by infamous funnyman Steve Martin. This play set in early 20th century Germany, focuses on the Maskes, a nondescript married couple. The first act immediately answers the question of the title as the wife of a government worker experiences the sheer humiliation of losing her “underpants” while at a parade. Unfortunately the event does not go unnoticed. While the husband is worrying over his reputation, two other men got more than an eyeful and are now intrigued. Shortly after the incident, both men are renting rooms at the Maskes’ house, hoping to woo Mrs. Maske, or at least get another peek at her bloomers. “Steve Martin’s adaptation is full of wit and comic genius,” says Paul Calenburg, UW-Stout’s theater director. With countless double entendres and eyebrow-raising moments, your face may permanently end up looking shocked. That is, when you’re not laughing at the farcical moments peppered generously throughout each act. UWEC’s Deb Selvig is the costume designer, and 30 students of all various talents will be backstage to execute smooth transitions. “What better place to watch a comic farce set in the early 1900s than in a theatre that was built in 1916 and now restored to its historic nature?” said Calenburg.  

The Underpants • Dec. 7-10 • Harvey Hall Theatre, 3rd Street East, Menomonie • 7:30pm • $12 • 232-1431 •

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