A Christmas Present

original holiday play headed for Heyde Center

Emily Anderson

Hilarity ensues via mapping mishap.
Hilarity ensues via mapping mishap.

With all of the incredible events that took place in biblical times, one has to wonder how the Christmas story would have played out today. Local playwrights James and Jane Jeffries have written a script that answers just such a question. Their play, Christmas Present, takes the bizarre Christmas stories in the Bible and gives them a modern spin. Mary and Joseph, portrayed by Moriah Vlcek and Kennan Gilleland, respectively, are headed to Bethlehem, Indiana where Mary will give birth to The One. Unfortunately, the hotel they hope to stay at is full due to a Star Trek convention, a basketball tournament, and a bunch of homeless people. Played by Brad Henderson, Ken Walden, and Jane LaPointe-Kilgallon, the Wise Guys (Magi) are three CEOs who must also visit Anthony King, the owner of Herrod’s, on their way to see The One. Another couple that enters into the story is Zechariah and Elizabeth (Vance and Julie Mead). Despite being in their late 70s, Elizabeth is pregnant and they must ward off calls from the National Enquirer. Christmas Present’s 46-person cast brings this hilarious tale to life while keeping the spirit of the original nativity story. Writers James and Jane live in Eau Claire and have been writing plays together for 15 years. James is a teacher at North High School and Jane is a member of the academic staff at UW-Stout.

Christmas Present • Dec. 16-17, 7:30pm and Dec. 18, 2pm • Heyde Center for the Arts, 3 S High St., Chippewa Falls • adults $10, seniors $9, youth $3 • 726-9000 • cvca.net

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