Sweet & Savory

“cookie shop” opens on Water Street

Betty Nikia, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Sweet & Savory has been open at 310 Water Street since August, though Colleen Wojcik has actually been there for a year, using the space for her Elder Valley salad dressing business. She recently decided to open it up for coffee, baked goods, and a limited lunch of grab-and-go sandwiches and soups because she likes talking to people who stop in. Although she offers coffee, lattes, smoothies, and hot chocolate, she says she’d rather people consider her place a “cookie shop,” instead of just one more coffee shop. Especially popular are the 12 oz. coffee and a cookie for $1 and free day-old cookies for college students. The salad dressings are also available for just $5. Sweet & Savory is cozy with deep brown and red walls and a couple of small tables next to the windows. The hours are limited to 9am-2pm, so consider making this part of your early day routine.