Note from the Editor | Dec. 8, 2011

Nick Meyer

I got the snow blower out of storage this week. Tonight (Nov. 30) I’ll see if I can get it started – then I’ll feel “ready.” Hopefully our season won’t kick off the way it did last year, but either way, it’s coming. Snow is lucky it’s good for so many varied outdoor adventures, otherwise I think our northern communities would see a little brain drain. It’s possible I mentioned this at some point last year, but I happen to live on a corner. Of a well plowed main traffic route. Where the sidewalks have no boulevards. Those factors, and a few others I’ll spare you the whining about, mean clearing the snow from my generous endowment of sidewalks is a formidable and constant challenge. I’m thinking of contacting the other three neighbors on my corner to form a support group. Making it worse is the little green gas-guzzling monster I use to (sort of) clear the big snowfalls. It’s an old-timer that seems to have been built for someone maybe around five-and-a-half feet tall. The problem is I’m almost six-and-a-half feet tall. Thus, whether I’m shoveling or snow blowing, winter is my “back workout” season. So, here’s to the few remaining days of snow-less cold temperatures. Enjoy them before it’s too late.

UPDATE, DEC. 3RD: It’s too late. 

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