5 Fun Projects: Turn Trash into Fun

Max Grones


We throw away tons of or trash every week and honestly, a lot of it isn’t so much trash as stuff we just don’t want anymore. Here are five ways to have fun with some of that stuff you’d normally just toss.

1. Capri Sun Wallet
Turn those old (and hopefully rinsed out) juice packs into a trendy wallet with this awesome tutorial. Plans.

2. Vinegar and Baking Soda Rocket
Take an old one liter bottle and fill it with a few choice ingredients and you’ll have more fun than you can shake a stick at. Plans.

3. Homemade Puzzles
This one is a bit basic but take any piece of cardboard or paper with a design on it, add scissors, and a puzzle is born!

4. Water Compass
With a magnet, a needle, some Styrofoam and a bowl of water you can create your own compass to help you find your way, or just for a neat way to kill some time! Plans.

5. Noodle Box Periscope
Spy on your older brothers and sisters with this hand piece of spy equipment, in only a few minutes you can become the world’s greatest secret agent. Plans.