Scouting Whitetails

an outdoor activity guide targeting the young’uns

The typical kid’s Christmas list: the latest video game, a new smart phone, a few DVDs, and perhaps a tin of Grandma’s homemade cookies. The Christmas list of a kid after reading Scouting Whitetails: binoculars, a GPS, some heavy-duty rain gear, and maybe throw a Gander Mountain gift card into the mix just for good measure. At least that is the effect Chad Frase, a fourth-grade teacher at Flynn Elementary, is hoping for with his newly released informational/how-to/activity book. From the time Frase’s dad took him out hunting when he was 12, he’s been enthralled with the infamous species here in our grand ole’ state of Wisconsin. His book, geared towards kids ages 9 and up, hopes to teach youngsters the ropes of scouting and hunting. This book is a collaboration with Frase providing the text and Tom Yarrington the wildlife photography. Stunning photos are featured throughout, and thanks to support from Gander Mountain, necessary scouting gear is pictured right along with them. Some may question the specificity of Scouting Whitetails for kids, but he reasons that whitetail deer live in 47 of our 50 states and the (bow) hunting season is the longest, spanning September until January, so deer seemed to be the best choice in terms of relevance for kids all over the country. This book has already found its unique niche as a book inspiring kids and parents together to drop their Wii controllers and Blackberry phones, to become familiar the nature (even if it’s in their own backyard). In addition, Scouting Whitetails includes activities in the back. So every child can have an chance to read it, Frase has donated a copy to not only LE Phillips Library, but also to all the area’s elementary schools. His book is also available at The Local Store, Amazon.com, and through ScoutingWhitetails.com, where kids can also find an online photo album along with additional activities. Get scouting!