Pottery Displayed Despite Home Explosion

How would you react if you came home from a vacation in Switzerland to find your house completely destroyed? Now imagine that your home is also your workshop. This was exactly where artists and owners of Little Plum Pottery, Art Garnett and Barbara Andersen, found themselves last May when their home/art shop exploded as a result of an electrical fire. Photos from their Facebook page of the aftermath do not begin to do justice to the tragedy of this story. One particular picture is a beautiful pot still completely intact with the quote, “Another survivor. More proof that Art throws good pots.” Heartbreak over their loss caused by the mass destruction is obvious, but the husband and wife team “made the commitment (to) turn this into something good.” Little Plum Pottery persevered and will carry on, and the Garnetts are rebuilding their house and still continue to create beautiful pottery. A show featuring both Bruce Warren and the creations of Little Plum Pottery is at the The Janet Carson Gallery at ECRAC until Nov. 18.