Zorongo Flamenco

a rare chance to experience a Spanish Cabaret

Kristin Frosch

The romantic exoticism of Spain’s flamenco dance can be experienced at the Mabel Tainter when the Zorongo Flamenco Dance Company recreates the “Café Cantante,” or Spanish Cabaret club setting, characteristic of early 20th century Spanish culture. Zorongo Flamenco aims to resurrect the “Golden Age” of dance, a time when Flamenco was a dominant artistic attraction, full of spirit and community in Spain. As part of the experience, audience members will be seated on stage, alongside the performers, allowing the intimacy and passion of the music and movement to permeate the atmosphere. Under the artistic direction of Susana di Palma, the Zorongo Flamenco Dance Company, operating since 1982, is comprised of an eclectic ensemble of international dancers, artists, and musicians who are dedicated to the craft of bringing both traditional and original dance to American audiences. Zorongo Flamenco is internationally known for their innovative style, using dance as a creative vehicle to address political and social concerns, as well as provide a platform for the preservation of traditional Spanish artistic expression. The dance style is both provocatively imaginative, with the iconic fluid arm movements, rhythmic feet stomping, and vibrant costumes, but also stylistically relevant and modern. Along with the traditional, Zorongo Flamenco performs original pieces, influenced by both Spanish and American dance alike. The show promises to be a delightfully enigmatic and sensory experience for all those who attend.

Zorongo Flamenco • Nov. 12 • Mabel Tainter Theater, 205 E Main St., Menom onie • 7:30pm • $18 adult, $15 senior/student • 235-0001 • MabelTainter.com