Ramping Up the Terror

the Village of Terror makes major upgrades

Trevor Kupfer

Photo: Village of Terror

You’d think a debut event that attracted more than 10,000 people would make the organizers celebrate. But by the time the Village of Terror was over last year, organizers were too busy to celebrate – they were already starting to plan for next year. 

Village of Terror’s second season began Sept. 30, and includes tons of new-and-improved features. The biggest of which is the “Haunt of Horrors,” a big-top tent centerpiece to the grounds that last year had a dance party. Now it’s a huge haunted house created from scratch and features “The Beholder,” a puppet that takes five people to operate and required a former employee of FAO Schwartz to join the crew to make it happen. 

Also on-hand for their effects this year is Matthew Stratton, who has done special effects for feature films such as Meet Bill, Public Enemies, and The Scientist. Monster Paintball is another new feature, which allows people to shoot at monsters (who can’t shoot back). A “Screaming Room” plays on the screening room concept, as this is where creepy clips from horror movies will roll. 

Dr. Virgil Harker’s Haunted Hayride features a veteran storyteller from the infamous Haunted New Orleans, and a Lost Souls Cabaret (starring Miss Dee-Lovely) features The Time Warp from Rocky Horror, Thriller, and a vampiric dance to I Put a Spell On You

The fan favorite sidestage acts return, with the addition of a macabre magic show by Ron Fitzgerald. 

If cold weather is a factor, all the pubs will be enclosed and heated, with the band Shotgun Wedding featured in the Plaza de Los Muertos. Also unlike last year, the price of admission is all-inclusive, meaning it includes all the haunted houses and carnival rides. The only thing with additional cost is paintball. 

Village of Terror runs every Friday and Saturday through Oct. 29 at Renaissance Park, 2303 Nelson Road, in Chippewa Falls. From 4-7pm it’s mild family fun, then at sundown “all bets are off.” $19 adults, $17 adults in advance, $10 kids under 12. Visit FestFun.com for more info. 


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