Short and Sweet

Jacci DeWolfe’s Closure and Other Stories

Kristin Frosch

Writer Jacci DeWolfe has just published her debut collection of stories.
Writer Jacci DeWolfe has just published
her debut collection of stories.

Relationships, even in their most superficial forms, tend to unravel the complexities of human nature, forcing us to challenge our own self-awareness and understanding of our place in time and space. 

Jacci DeWolfe’s compilation of short stories, Closure and Other Stories, is a sentimental, and heartfelt collection. Characters facing loss, vulnerability, disenchantment, and unease, come towards acceptance and awareness, often with profoundly realistic realizations. Readers, regardless of social background, will surely find a voice within the walls of one of her narratives, developing emotional connections with the familiar and relatable circumstances. From a young woman who hesitates to develop a friendship with an older man to a girl transitioning from childhood to adulthood by realizing the economic strain of the family, these characters speak directly to us, like they are our friends, siblings, mothers, or fathers. 

Characters revisit their childhood, deal with their past, question their futures, and attempt to make sense of the relationships they develop. Above all, DeWolfe’s stories are accessible. They are stylistically simplistic, yet thematically provocative, thought provoking, and ultimately healing. DeWolfe hopes the stories will capture readers of all ages, and inspire thought about basic human interaction.

“Anybody should be able to pick up my writing, because my stories aren’t necessarily about the plot, but more so about how people relate to one another,” she said. “I hope that people will find my work to be involving, regardless if they personally relate to the characters and situations.”

The fact remains, readers do relate to DeWolfe’s work. The stories, Meeting and Reunion were chosen by a panel of judges for Volume One’s Fiction Contest, and she was invited to read Fragile at the Honor’s Provost Symposium at UW-Eau Claire last spring. Her stories about human relations are timeless, and well worth the quick read. Head over to the The Local Store to pick up a copy.

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