The Thread

author attempts to bring new life to ancient text

photos by Andrea Paulseth

Nathan Anderson’s debut novel aims to frame Bible stories in new and compelling way.
Nathan Anderson’s debut novel aims to frame Bible stories in new and compelling way.

‘Pass me the peppers, Jak.’ Gramma Josie wiped her fingers on her smiley face apron, smearing a pancake batter mustache across one of the faces. 

The opening lines of Nathan Anderson’s first book, Jak and the Scarlet Thread, do not foretell the danger and gripping adventures Jak will soon face. 

From Anderson’s official website, “On the journey, 12-year old Jak Hamelton gets thrown back in time and discovers the people and extraordinary events God worked through as He unfolded the ultimate rescue plan for humanity.”  

While he never planned to be an author, Anderson saw a need for a series of books that depicted who God is and what the Bible actually says in a new and compelling way. Book One lets Jak experience the first tumultuous nine chapters of Genesis. If you’re at all familiar with classic Bible stories, you’re probably semi-aware that Genesis is full of crazy things. From giant people to Earth-engulfing floods, it’s a not a book for the faint of heart. 

One young reader said this of Anderson’s new book, “Jak and the Scarlet Thread is a good book for children because of the way it brings evil into the world without being violent or scary.” That’s because throughout the book Yahweh is there to not only protect Jak, but also to continue to tell him, “the thread Jak! Follow the Scarlet Thread!”  So long to felt storyboards with cut-out characters of tiny little white men with long, grey beards. 

This book truly meshes together fiction and realness in a way where every word you read will seem new, but really it’s an exciting way to portray a message that’s been said for more than 2,000 years. And the series will continue for about nine more books. 

Find out more, buy the book, or visit his blog, all at The book is also available at The Local Store and Amazon.

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