Locally Rooted Company Takes to the Airwaves

Trevor Kupfer

Remember a little over a year ago when we told you about BandwithRadio, a global indie music company started right here in Eau Claire? The web-based service essentially provides a place for underground/unsigned acts to get their music out there, and since they started, they’ve been compiling bands. Now approaching 300 musical acts, Bandwith has officially unveiled two streaming radio stations. One is RIMA, and plays rock, indie, metal, and alternative. The other, SKITZO, plays everything on the site. Among the nearly 300 artists are no less than 14 local acts, so this is kind of a local radio station by proxy. So go to Bandwith.org and check it out. If you’re OK with hearing ads, you can listen for free. If you pay $1.50 a month you get a premium, ad-free experience. Tag songs you like for a personal playlist or conveniently buy them for a buck a piece right there.

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