Sustainability Session Include Solar, Geothermal

At this point, most people have recognized and responded to the ever-increasing need to implement more sustainable practices on a day-to-day basis. And the City of Eau Claire and Eau Claire's Chamber of Commerce are presenting a series on the very topic. Learn how to do your part with solar electric on Oct 13 at CVTC with "Bright Future: Solar Electric." Did you know Wisconsin's market for solar electric systems has been growing by more than 85% annually? Developing green buildings reduces energy costs and uses building materials more efficiently. That's the topic of conversation on Nov. 3 at Metropolis Resort for "Building Green: A LEED Primer from the Field." Another up-and-coming source of renewable energy is geothermal systems or ground source heat pumps. To understand how these systems work, visit "GeoExchange: From Concept to Completion" at CVTC on Dec. 7. Registration is $30 for each class and includes a continental breakfast. Call Eau Claire's Chamber of Commerce or visit their website to register.