Learning in Retirement

local organization offers classes on all manner of subjects

Brett Bachman

CVLR even has geocaching classes!
CVLR even has geocaching classes!

Every September when my brother and I were complaining about another year of school, our father would always remind us how much he wished he could go back. Well, dad, your time to learn has come. An all-volunteer organization called Chippewa Valley Learning in Retirement is taking the field for retirees with an overactive curiosity, allowing members to study basically anything one can think of. Presentations are offered year-round on a variety of topics, including the arts, history, economics, science, medicine, travel, and more. Explore everything from origami to foreign affairs and back again for only $30 a year (and possibly the occasional additional fee). Eau Claire and Menomonie both play host for the organization, at locations such as senior centers, museums, university buildings, and churches, with occasional field trips to a few Midwest culture hotspots. Registration for the fall session will be held on August 25 from 9-10:30am at Trinity Lutheran Church in Eau Claire or at the senior center in Menomonie. Phone registration is also conducted August 29-31 from 10am-noon by calling Barbara Pearson at 231-2144. A website with fall offerings can be found at CVLR.org. Attending sessions is a great way to meet new people with similar interests, and have some thoughtful discussion in the process. Learning is a lifelong adventure, as they always say.

Chippewa Valley Learning in Retirement • registration for fall classes begins Aug. 25 • various times and locations • about $30 per class • register by phone at 231-2144 • CVLR.org 

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