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The Essential Elements

Gamer's Dictionary

Put on a gaming headset and it might feel like you’re listening to people talking in a different language. Here’s a guide to some lingo that every gamer should know. 


Noob n.

 A newbie or inexperienced player. “That noob; Mike doesn’t even know what noob means. What a noob.” 

Pwn v.

To completely and utterly destroy an enemy/other player. “Oh my god, did you see me kill Mike just now? I totally pwned him like a noob.”


Buff n.

An effect or item that increases a character’s strength. “Yeah, it was easy to kill Mike after I grabbed that buff from the armory.” (Antonym: De-buff)


NPC n.

A character not controlled by a player, or non-player character. “Yeah, that NPC at the shop is a real jerk. Just like Mike.”


Camp n. 

To sit in the same spot for a long time waiting for a kill. “Mike’s been camping on top of that turret for the longest time. Let’s gank him.”


Farm v.

To gather experience by killing weak enemies. “Mike’s trying to farm those creeps in the middle of the map. Let’s gank him again.”

Gamer's Cupboard

Your in-game characters will be refueling with potions, fruits, and medpacs, but you won’t be so lucky. Here’s the food and drinks every self-respecting gamer needs to survive an all-night LAN party.


Regular Potato Chips

You’re going to need a snack, but you don’t want to pick up anything heavy on flavoring (like Doritos or Cheetos). That stuff on the chips will get all over your hands and keyboard. If you’re really in need of some zest, try tortilla chips with dips. But just be careful not to drip all over everything.


Mountain Dew

Caffeine is the lifeline of most LAN gamers, the thing that keeps them alert throughout the night so they can fend off the assaults of their so-called “friends.” Energy drinks are hip these days, but they’re more expensive and they’ve typically got a lot more caffeine in them than good old Mountain Dew. You’re looking to stay awake, not tremble and shake the whole day after the party. 



Pizza’s a good group dinner, and, whether you call for delivery or make it right in your own oven, you don’t really have to spend any time watching it as it cooks, so you can just keep on gaming. Just remember to listen for the doorbell or set a timer, or else your crew might go all Left 4 Dead on you.