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Hall-of-Fame Games: local gamers' favorite titles

First-Person Shooter

Team Fortress 2 is unique amongst first-person games because it gives you nine different classes of characters to play as and doesn’t confine you to simply choosing a gun and shooting. Each role, be it spy, engineer, or medic, offers different gameplay and assets, making for a shooter that never has to play the same way twice.


Real-Time Strategy

League of Legends lets you and your friends team-up and fight as champions, ranging from beastly vikings to sneaky ninjas, who have to break through enemy turrets and creatures in order to overrun their base. The best part of this game, though, is that it’s absolutely and completely free to download online.



FlatOut 2 offers a variety of different game modes, including Demo Derby and Stunt Mode, which make for a racing game that’s often more about destruction than actual racing. The good news is that destroying cars and launching your driver like a bowling ball toward a set of pins is really, really fun, so you won’t even miss traditional racing.


Turn-Based Strategy

Worms: Reloaded is a hysterical game in which you take command of a team of – you guessed it – computerized worms. These worms, though, are armed with rockets, exploding sheep, and holy hand grenades and it’s your job to guide them to victory, which can only be achieved by destroying every single worm on your buddies’ team.