Note from the Editor | July 7, 2011

Nick Meyer

One of my favorite things is re-discovering a local business or recreation spot. But unfortunately, in order to re-discover something, you have to sort of lose or forget it in-between. Whether it’s for lunch, shopping, entertainment, or recreation, as creatures of habit we sometimes tend fall into a stale routine of the places we frequent in our local communities. And while we might be aware of other options, and perhaps even enjoyed previous visits to those places, they just sort of slip off the day-to-day radar and get forgotten. So the joy comes upon re-discovering these local gems – establishments and locations that aren’t so much hidden as they are just not a part of our regular consciousness. The Chippewa Valley is just big enough for this to happen all the time, especially across the borders of communities like Eau Claire, Menomonie, and Chippewa Falls. Of course, for these places to survive they need to make sure we don’t forget about them – and that’s as much our responsibility as individuals as it is the businesses’. So if you’re in a routine this summer, shake yourself out of it. Go back to some old haunts or even seek out some new ones. Your experience here will be richer and you just might help keep someone’s doors open.