Pet Pampering Places

a taste of the unique pet businesses in the valley


Most of us enjoy a good massage every now and then when we get those aches and pains, so why not our furry friends as well? EmBark certainly has an interesting way to go about relieving those pains: canine massages. EmBark’s goal by doing this is to prevent injury, enhance healing, and detect any physical problems in the muscle that may be causing issues or may become an one in the future. Just like with humans, it can help relieve muscle spasms, increases circulation, and helps release tension. Massages for your dog may also stimulate the lymphatic system, which aids animals in fighting off viruses and bacteria. If you are looking for a way take good care of your older dog or performance dog, emBark is a great place to go. 

Robert Giede Designs

Bob Giede is an accomplished designer and goldsmith whose business takes pride in helping customers create unique jewelry of their dreams. Giede’s designs are of exceptional craftsmanship and come in a wide variety ( rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants). And his one-of-a-kind pieces aren’t only for you. One of the unique types of jewelry that Bob has recently started creating is pendants for pets. In 2009, Bob created a beautiful paw-shaped pendant that was designed for the Dunn County Humane Society and Mabel Tainter charity event “Tastings.” Bob continues to create such pendants in hopes of having an ongoing fundraiser for the Humane Society. Currently, Bob is working on a sterling silver piece set with amber for a dog collar for a yellow lab named Amber. It’s a perfect place to go to pamper your pet and help continue the fundraiser. Visit for more info.

Woof Naturals Dog Bakery

Most of us try to eat as healthy as we can, but what about our pets? Do we make sure that they are eating healthy food as well? Woof Naturals Dog Bakery is a store where all-natural dog treats are fresh baked for your dogs to enjoy. They use natural and organic ingredients to create delicious and healthy treats for dogs. It’s a unique store where you can buy interesting treats for your dog(s) such as Bacon Biscuits that are actually pig-shaped and created using natural uncured bacon, grains, and molasses or Chicken and Cheddar Treats that are made using Wisconsin cheddar and a hearty, flavorful chicken stock. You can go to Woof Naturals Dog Bakery located in Eau Claire, order online, or even go to farmers markets, craft fairs, and pet-related events if interested in these unique dog pampering treats. 

Awards & More

Awards & More has been creating awards and recognition products for more than 25 years now. The store creates many different items, including photo blankets, clocks, coasters, plaques, photo mugs, picture can cozies, wedding invitations, bridal gifts, and much, much more.  They work with multiple materials such as metal, wood, marble, granite, glass, and vinyl. They can pretty much personalize anything that you want, even something specially crafted for your pet.  Want to make a plaque to put over your doghouse?  Want to have a blanket that has a picture of your pet on it?  How about a calendar that has all your favorite pictures of your animal? Awards & More is a great place to have for that special something created to show your love towards your favorite furry friend.  

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