Note from the Editor | June 9, 2011

Nick Meyer

Straight outta the cart, yo.
Summer Sno: Straight outta the cart, yo.

Here’s something I’m a big fan of – Eau Claire is seeing a small upswing in cart-based cuisine. Bigger communities around the country have huge populations of restaurants that are based exclusively around a mobile unit of some kind. And not just hot dogs either – all kinds of food. Unique trailers will plop down in a parking lot and cater to lunch crowds and basic hot carts populate the sidewalks of busy nightlife areas. I’m not talking about catering trailers that only pop up for special events – I mean people that are doing it all the time. Of course we’ve had Nine Degrees plugging away selling ice cream from carts and bikes at events and in neighborhoods for several years now. And last year Summer Sno opened up selling shaved ice in a parking lot on London Road.  The brand new hotdog and gyro shop Samboney’s, on Brackett avenue, recently acquired a cart that they’ll be taking out soon too. Downtown favorite Infinitea just built their own bike-based unit to sell iced tea around town at the Farmers Market and other gatherings. Add to all that the new pedi-cab bike taxis running around downtown and suddenly you’re able to hail a brisk bike ride to chase down a bike-based beverage. We can only hope this trend will continue and that people will get out and support these endeavors. Because with a mobile food cart, any ordinary corner can immediately become a temporary gathering place for neighbors and friends.

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