A New Chapter

former local's novel explores marriage

Lauryn Seering

Meagan Frank

Meagan Frank, a writer with ties to Stout, has recently published a book through TreasureLine Publishing. Frank was a stay-at-home mom for five years, during which time she wrote a number of blogs. In 2003, Frank started her research for a book titled, Choosing to Grow Through Marriage.

This eight-year undertaking included interviews of nearly 70 women, creating around 170 questionnaires, and loads of hefty scholarly research. Some of the women Frank spoke with had been married for more than 60 years and others had been married only a couple months. Frank set out on this journey to not only work on her own marriage, but also discover more about herself in the process.

This research focused on how women survived tough patches in their marriages. “I’d like to say I understand a lot more about marriage and about staying married than I did when I started,” she wrote, “but in all honesty I only better understand the intricate complexities of my own marriage put against the backdrop of some general marital principles I discovered along the way.”

“Marriage is a journey, fraught with tears, smiles, frustrations, and heartache,” wrote Frank. “It is an ongoing conversation that is ever-evolving and individually unique. We make a good match – marriage and me. We are alive and intertwined, and ready to embark on this journey together.”

Some topics the book covers are: what to discuss before marriage, how children are thrown into the mix, what marriage is like for older women, and tools that have helped Frank in her marriage.

“You fall in love with a person and you know that you get along well together, but the baggage they bring is very real,” Frank explains. “Dealing with their family can be very difficult, so people need to discuss these things before they get married. How will you arrange work schedules? Bills? If you have kids will one of you stay at home? Who?”

Frank is the former UW-Stout women’s soccer coach, who resigned in the 2010 season to finish working on this novel. She now lives in Woodbury, MN.

You can order an autographed copy through Frank’s website, MeaganFrank.com, or unsigned at The Local Store or Bookends on Main, or online through TreasureBooks.com or Amazon.