Jim Pullman Band is Up to Something

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Jim Pullman, pulling out some tunes, man.

The Jim Pullman Band plans to drop a new album (titled Jackals and Wolves) in August. The album contains nine new tracks (10 if you get it from iTunes!) and an epic line-up of guest contributors. No sneak-peaks yet (recording just wrapped), but after nine months of preparation, JP himself assures us it will be worth the wait. The CD will be released at the show in Phoenix Park on August 18 with a second show at The House of Rock later that evening. And if that weren’t enough, JPB is also working on a music video for the track titled You Don’t Dump the Boys They Just Lose Their Turn. From what we’ve heard, it’s gonna be a June shoot at The Seahorse Inn involving karaoke, 70s garb, and a maneater leading lady. Look forward to seeing it in July.