Grammys Give Our Artists the Proverbial Shaft

Lauren Buelow Cunningham

Geoff Keezer: No more grammy Awards for him.
Geoff Keezer: No more Grammy Award nominations for him.


Peter Phippen: Him neither.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (better known as the Grammy people) apparently has it in for our music scene. Early in April, they announced that the number of categories would be reduced from 109 to 78. Some categories have been consolidated, others have been completely eliminated. (Nice knowing you, “Best Regional Mexican Album.”) Among those eliminated just happen to be the only two categories for which artists from the Chippewa Valley were nominated. Folk flautist Peter Phippen and jazz composer Geoff Keezer were up for Grammies this spring. Additionally, the two guest artists that graced the stage at Memorial High for this year’s Eau Claire Jazz Festival were also nominated in categories that have since been chopped. Speculators suggest the cuts will strongly favor artists on major labels and leave indie, jazz, and world behind. Newly disgruntled local artists and their fans can voice their displeasure to Niel@Grammy.com. Vox populi, vox dei.