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available at The Local Store at the Volume One World Headquarters (17 S. Barstow St.)

Available at The Local Store at the Volume One World Headquarters (17 S. Barstow St.) ...

Wisconsin Day Trips by Theme • Mary M. Bauer • $15 • Make it a day or 14 days! This guide will give you the tips you need! 

Explore Wisconsin Rivers • Doris Green • $19 • There is more to Wisconsin rivers than currents. Learn of the rich history, geography, and people of Wisconsin as they relate to its rivers, while discovering many ways to enjoy both the water and its beautiful shoreline.

Wisconsin Waterfalls • Patrick Lisi • $20 • Is there anything more majestic than a waterfall? Maybe, but wouldn’t you rather judge for yourself? More than 80 are featured here.

Wisconsin Lighthouses • Barb Wardius • $24 • Lighthouses are not only extremely interesting, they are also like stairclimbers that go somewhere.

Great Wisconsin Walks Chad McGrath • $17 • Who says walking is boring? Look here for the premier walks throughout the state, ranging from casual strolls to long healthful hikes. Get your shoes on!

Eating Well In Wisconsin • Jerry Minnich • $19 • You need to eat while you have your fun, right? Find the best of Wisconsin eateries here!

Up North Wisconsin Sharyn Alden • $15 • Northern Wisconsin offers some of the most breathtaking scenery, amazing recreation opportunities, and interesting festivals in the state, and this is your guide to them all!

Wisconsin Family Weekends & Minnesota Family Weekends • Susan Lampert Smith / Martin Hintz • $15/$19  • Only have a day or two to entertain your family, vacation style? A day or two is all you need!

Sacred Sites of Wisconsin Peneguy Paprock • $19 • For those looking for a spiritual getaway.

Classic Wisconsin Weekends Micheal Bie • $19 • Have you found yourself with a free weekend and a hankerin’ to do something different?    Here is the ultimate guide to weekend festivities in the Badger State.

Great LIttle Museums of the Midwest Christine Des Garennes • $19 • The best source of history you can find. Make your day trip a fun learning experience.

Great Midwest Country Escapes Nina Gadomski • $20 • Farms! Foods! Festivals! Fun! Enough said.

Biking Wisconsin Steve Johnson • $20 • As much fun as biking is, it can sometimes get old on the same trails and roads. Experience the topography of Wisconsin on two wheels!

Great Wisconsin Romantic Weekends Christine Des Garennes • $19 • No vacation time needed to get away with your better half! Plan a quick getaway on the fly. 

Paddling Northern Minnesota & Paddling Southern Minnesota Lynne Smith Diebel • $20 each • Grab your paddles and take your choice of 86 trips for canoeing and kayaking at all levels.

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