Travel Story: Early Bird Gets the Whale

my laid-back family trip to San Joe del Cabo

illustrated by Michelle Chrzanowski

International travel is an infrequent occurrence for me, so the trip to San Jose del Cabo with my husband and his family was much anticipated, especially because the snow drifts in my front yard were starting to engulf my house. After a layover, a delay, and a plane switch, we arrived in 70-degree weather with clear blue skies. 

Everything seemed absolutely heavenly until the last piece of luggage was unloaded and one of our pieces was nowhere to be found. As a novice traveler, I had packed every article of clothing in one suitcase and all of the extra non-necessity items in the other. Guess what? The suitcase we were missing contained our clothing for the entire trip. Panic started to creep in and the ear-to-ear smile was very much gone. After a white-knuckled drive to our all-inclusive resort and then a walk to a local store to purchase a change of clothes, we were finally able to do what we came for – RELAX!

Thankfully, the airline found our missing suitcase and delivered it to the hotel late on the first night of our arrival. What a relief! Now we could completely enjoy the rest of our vacation. And, we definitely didn’t want to waste any time so we quickly booked a whale-watching expedition, which ended up being the definite highlight of the trip. Why? Well, picture this.

We slowly cruised through the harbor on a catamaran transporting the six of us, one other couple, and the crew members. It felt like we had the boat entirely to ourselves. We slowed to see sunning sea lions and rock outcroppings, including the Los Cabos Arch – the signature landmark of the area. 


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