Travel Story: Tiny Town Tripping

Cornucopia, WI: the appetizer in a trip around Lake Superior

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Beth Czech

Raise you hand if you’ve heard of Cornucopia, Wisconsin. OK, all three of you can put your hands down now. For the rest of you, I can assure you, Cornucopia does exist. 

While not generally known as a vacation HOT ZONE, the teeny town of Cornucopia has a lot going for it, thanks in part to the world’s largest freshwater lake, which happens to lie a convenient stone’s throw to the north. Lake Superior pretty much eclipses the town’s petite list of amenities, which includes two restaurants, a general store, three churches, and the northernmost post office to be found in the entire great state of Wisconsin. Located on Lake Superior’s south shore on Siskiwit Bay, Cornucopia is nestled next to a harbor and a pair of marinas. If you’re unfamiliar with the colorful lingo of the nautical world, these are places boats come to dock, refuel, find maintenance, and in the days of the Wisconsin pirates,* bury chest after chest of amazing treasure.

But there is one other thing in Cornucopia: an impossibly named bed-n-breakfast. It’s called The Fo’c’sle Inn.** Yep, you’re looking at two apostrophes with the letter C in the middle. Fo’c’sle is a variation of the word “forcastle,” or the part of a vessel forward of the foremast; the place where the crew eats and sleeps. 

OK, enough nautical lingo.

It’s a great little place to sleep. And have breakfast. My wife and I were given a few night’s stay there as a wedding gift, so we planned our whole honeymoon around it – basically a week of bumming around the south shore, the Duluth area, and into Minnesota on the other side of the big lake. The Fo’c’sle Inn was a perfect base of operations for first part of our trip.


* Which I totally just made up. 
** 22580 State Hwy 13, Cornucopia, Wis.; 715-742-3337