More Mors Mortis Machinatio!

killer metal lineup also includes Purge and Desolatevoid

Andrew Patrie

One Desolatevoid. Extra desolate.
One Desolatevoid. Extra desolate.

Oh, man, Mors Mortis is back! When word spread of their (indefinite?) hiatus over a year ago, I was profoundly bummed. See, I was a little late to the party. When people mentioned the band name to me, I always pictured Meatballs. No, not the Bill Murray kinda cult classic, but the 1984 belly flop of a follow up. You know, the one with the E.T.-like alien who, when asked by a young camper “Me … Ted. Who you?” responds with “Meat … head.” Yep, I was convinced Mors Mortis were a bunch of meatheads playing meathead metal to a bunch of meatheads. Then, I saw their live show, and the proverbial light, and they gave my ego a rightly deserved bruising. What scene we have today is due, in part, to bands like MMM and Desolatevoid. Speaking of the Macbeth of local metal, DV will also be making an anticipated return to the stage after a series of accidents, injuries, and departures, which, much like haranguing a honey badger, should only serve to intensify their (aural) offensive. Rounding out the bill are Purge the Woods, whose performance never fails to gape these jaws, and newcomers A Breed Unknown. I was recently exposed to the latter’s crushing debut EP and am anxious to see it replicated (and then some) at the House of Rock. It’ll be a night of reunions, returns to form, and rookie rollicking.

Mors Mortis Machinatio + Purge the Woods + Desolatevoid + A Breed Unknown • April 30 • House of Rock, 422 Water St. • 10pm • $5 • ages 21+ •