Get Your Delivery Fix

new biz provides delivery for every local eatery and beyond

Emily Anderson

It’s probably nothing like this.
It’s probably nothing like this.

If you’ve ever been hungry with no desire to cook or leave the house, you know to call delivery. But sometimes you’re craving a restaurant that doesn’t deliver. You’re stuck. Corey Hawkinson and Troy Beighley have come up with a new answer to this problem. Delivery Fix is a new business in Eau Claire that will pick up and deliver food from any restaurant that doesn’t already provide these services. There are about 200 restaurants in Eau Claire and about 50 offer delivery. Corey and Troy, the owners and primary employees, have over 15 years of delivery experience between them. They charge a flat fee for their service area, which includes Eau Claire, Altoona, and some of Hallie, and up to $30 in product. Fees vary beyond these limits. In addition to food delivery, Delivery Fix will run errands, pick up dry cleaning, or go grocery shopping for you. The sky’s the limit! Customers are encouraged to be creative. Orders can be placed online ( or by phone (835-5853). After an order is placed, your job is done. Delivery Fix takes care of everything else. As far as payment goes, you can either provide a credit card number or pay cash upon delivery. Someone is on call 24/7, which means you can get anything delivered, any time of day.

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