Note from the Editor | April 14, 2011

Nick Meyer

Just as we were finishing this issue we were very sad to receive news that one of our long time magazine distributors, Norman Steinke, died of a sudden heart attack. Norman was a spirited man that always had a big smile and a kind word. He and his wife Willow were an amazing team that over the years distributed literally hundreds of thousands of copies of Volume One into this community. Every two weeks they’d show up at our office, often wearing their beloved Volume One t-shirts, to load up the newly printed issues and chat it up with the staff. The people who regularly distribute the magazine are often the “face” of Volume One in the community, and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to fill that role. Both Norman and Willow were always jovial and proud to be a part of our community-building mission – they loved Volume One, loved distributing it, and regularly went above and beyond their responsibilities to do their very best. A little more than a year ago, after a staff skiing trip, our advertising manager Shawn ended up in the hospital with a broken wrist. Among the first people to visit him were Norman and Willow. Together they were an inspiring couple – always looking to help out and stay busy. Norman, you’ll be missed by many.

You can read Norman's obituary here.