Appleton Film Festival to Display Sconnie Talent

Brett Bachman


It’s about time Wisconsin got recognition for something other than cheese and serial killers. At least that’s what the creators of the Wildwood Film Festival must have been thinking when they drew up their plans for a show dedicated solely to films with ties to our great state. Over the eight years of its existence, it has showcased more than 165 films set in, directed by, or containing actors from the Dairy State. March 26 is the date to remember, with showings at 1, 3, 6, and 8pm in the Kimberly Clark Theater. All genres are represented in the 32-movie schedule. There’s drama (Birthday Girl), comedy (Opera Farmer), romance (Alone Together), science fiction (Surface), action (Inked), and documentaries (100 Years of Telecom in Wisconsin) present. Let California keep its happy cows, we’ll take the movies. For ticket info and a full list of showings visit WildwoodFilmFest.com.