Local Radio Show Throws Together Indie Showcase

Naomi Vogel

Meridene's a-gonna play the Local Independance Showcase
Meridene's a-gonna play the Local Independence Showcase

If you’re new to Eau Claire’s indie rock/folk scene, have liked what you’ve heard so far, and are ready to go fully into it, an upcoming showcase is a veritable EC Indie 101. A great starting point for a hopeful scenester. Presented by Local Independence, the UWEC radio station program run by Scott Morfitt and David Smuhl, the Local Independence Music Showcase includes Daredevil Christopher Wright, Laarks, Meridene, Heart Pills, Small Cities, and Wisconsin Built. The Feb. 26 show costs $10 and is not a fundraiser for the radio program, but instead goes directly to the bands. Running from 3 to 11pm, The Oxford-hosted show also includes the popular Goldsprints bike simulator, perhaps to allow audience members to burn off all the steam from getting jacked-up by some truly awesome acts.