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Big Names Join S. Carey Tour

Kinzy Janssen

Yann can tour.
Yann can tour.

Local musician Sean Carey (drummer of Bon Iver) continues to tour the country in promotion of his first solo album, All We Grow, under the moniker S. Carey. The difference this month will be the addition of French musician and composer Yann Tiersen to the tour lineup, which also periodically includes Deerhoof, Been Butler & Mousepad, and Nervous Cop. If you’ve ever been swept up in the quiet beauty of the film Amelie, you will undoubtedly remember Tiersen’s minimalist, waltzy, and emotive compositions that accompany Amelie’s small-scale discoveries. (Tiersen also concocted the soundtrack for Goodbye Lenin!). Like S. Carey, the foundation of Tiersen’s music comes from the piano, but he’s also adept at the accordion and violin, not to mention avant garde additions as the toy piano, harpsichord, and typewriter. The pair is scheduled to convene for concerts in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana.

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Lasker Jewelers

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