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Shine On

Colfax author releases faith-based book

Kristin Frosch, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Sonnenberg’s self-help book aims to “show how God can take a humble person and make them all they can be.”
Sonnenberg’s self-help book aims to “show how God can take a humble person and make them all they can be.”

Those looking for divine inspiration and comfort may be able to find it in Christian author Alaine Sonnenberg’s new religious self-help book Shine On, published by Tate Publishing.

“Shine On" was written to glorify God and show how God can take a humble, ordinary person and make them all they can be,” said Sonnenberg.

Sonnenberg has kept a daily journal for the past 20 years, which she used as inspiration for the book. She hopes her own experiences will encourage readers of all ages to embrace God’s love.

The book, as inspired by Sonnenberg’s own life events, describes the process of accepting God’s ultimate plan and gaining enlightenment through this personal realization and connection. The book includes practical applications and daily life examples to help the reader understand and embrace God’s presence.

Hailing from Colfax, Sonnenberg has published articles in Spiritual Growth in Focus, as well as prayers in various other religious publications. She is also highly active in church and community activities, and is the owner of the business Creative Country Embroidery. Additionally, she serves in the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society Northwest Wisconsin Circuit offices, and is on the LWMS International Board of Directors.

Out of tens of thousands of manuscripts received by Tate Publishing, only three percent are eventually published. Sonnenberg sees the publishing of Shine On as nothing short of a miracle.

“It was an act of God, or call it a miracle, that the manuscript for Shine On was chosen and accepted,” said Sonnenberg.

For those looking to meet Sonnenberg, she routinely speaks at various community locations, which can be tailored for different groups and events. Her next speaking engagement and book signing will be Feb. 26 at The Living Room Coffee House in Eau Claire from 10am to noon. Shine On can be purchased in print or eBook form through Barnes and Noble or Amazon, and may be conveniently purchased at The Local Store.

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