Troupe Presents Not-at-all-ambiguous Sports Musical

Amanda Fay

Above: Brent
Middle-aged, grey-haired Brent can’t decide what he wants. He’s been playing softball for The Bar, his local area team, for many years now. Brent’s a little worried about the new pitcher on the roster at The Bar. Should he retire from playing softball entirely or play for the local enemy team Stadium View? Good thing Brent’s friends are there to support him and help him make the best choice. Let Me Be Frank Productions wants to make sure all audience members at the Feb. 13 show are aware that this story is in no way “associated with any other famous sports figure with the first name starting with a B.” It is purely a coincidence. The troupe’s namesake and performer Frank Hermans not only acts as Brent, but also wrote five original songs for the show, which plays at the Heyde Center at 3pm. Cast member Kelly Haddad said, “Everyone really worked together as a team to make the show what it is … and it’s hilarious.” Playing on Favre’s personality and reputation, Brent the Musical is chock full of double meanings and recent newsworthy events.