David Allan Coe

downtown EC Ramada snags country music superstar

Alex Galston

The mic gets tangled in his beard a lot.
The mic gets tangled in his beard a lot.

Has your Mona Lisa lost her smile? Don’t know who the hell Anita Bryant is? Well, thankfully, you can “take the ride” to the Ramada on Jan. 15 to see country music legend David Allan Coe. Coe is best known for the songs Take This Job and Shove It and You Never Even Call Me By My Name, both made famous by karaoke aficionados worldwide. Coe first peaked in the 70s and 80s under the sub-genre labels of outlaw, humor, and dirty country. His controversial off-stage life (which he often sings about and allegedly includes a stint on death row) is almost as infamous as his on-stage persona that boasts a repertoire of 26 – count em, 26 – LPs. You can expect to hear many Coe hits (and then some) at the show. If that ain’t country …