Note from the Editor | Jan. 6, 2011

Nick Meyer

Where'd the time go?
Where'd the time go?
Maybe some of you out there are as neurotic as I am and will understand this. For the last several years, when it gets to be the end of December and a new year is coming, everything about Volume One – the mental weight of all our projects, events, ideas, successes, and failures – starts to compound substantially in my head. My own expectation for my leadership of the organization and my hope of taking us strong into a new year weigh me down considerably. Dramatic, I know. It’s just that all the things we’re already doing mash together with all the things I want us to be doing, and then they all simultaneously crash into a wall called “Reality.”

Anyone who’s worked for Volume One around this time of year can probably testify to this. I had hoped this year would be different – but it’s not. The struggle continues and I can’t say I’m winning. But on the bright side, it’s not as severe (so far) as some years past. The fact is Volume One had a great year – basically everything from 2009 was still intact through 2010, plus we opened The Local Store, launched a new website, started a kickball tournament and a winter event series, and more. Things are pretty good. Still, I can’t help but lay awake at night or stare blankly across my desk by day, puzzled by the possibilities and priorities of a new year. Maybe it’s normal. Maybe it’s even necessary. Maybe I just need more sunlight. Regardless, I’ll be fine in a couple weeks and we can get down to the tasks at hand. Because according to my spinning head, 2011 has some serious potential. Happy New Year.

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