Locally Made iPhone App Gets a Reboot

Sarah Dobs

There's a cat in the mix.
Imagine there's an iPhone wrapped around this.

Bleep! A bright orange alien head … Cha-ching! with a pickle hat … Quack Quack! in an undersized shirt for a large blue belly … Pling! and space boots for feet … Swoosh! on a farm. Such are the sounds and whimsical creations called Kooks available on the new Apple app, Mixamajig, cleverly created by local artist Chuck Gamble. After the huge success of Slideamajig, which hit the market in early 2009, Gamble went back to the drawing board and created a monster … wait, now it’s a princess with a pirate leg! With Mixamajig, children will enjoy endless hours of fantastical imaginary characters crafted brilliantly by their fingers. When the kiddies mix, match, slide, and shake the 150 different body parts into bizarre combinations, they can increase the silliness by adding their very own face, voice recording, or even their bedroom as the background for the Kooks. Then send it to granny or print it out. Purchase the app for 99 cents on iTunes and let him know what you think. Check out the demo at www.luckyradishamusements.com.