The best one-liners from kids’ letters

kids say the darnedest holiday-related things

Holiday ninjas by Johnny
Holiday ninjas by Johnny
So he takes it and reads it and give me some presents and my sister and my brother and my mom and dad and my aunt and ungle and cousin and friends and all my neighbor and all the people in Earth and New York.

– Kalicia Vang, Sherman Elementary

It would be good and we would have a party. P.S. with jelly bens and sherbert – Logan Kinnard, Sherman Elementary I would make chicken. It would take ten hours to cook.

– Ryan, Lakeshore Elementary

When we came back it was midnight. But Santa, he used magic to keep me awake.

– Abraham Balding, Putnam Heights

After breakfast he plays Wii, then he plays golf with his elves.

– Dale Stahlbusch, Lakeshore

After he will clean the frost off his sleigh from the few nights it has been out. He will have some of the servants run a bath for his reindeer. The reindeer will use snowflake shampoo.

– Klaire Provos, Locust Lane

Now he is going to bed at 8 with his little bunny.

– Stephen King, Manz Elementary

Santa gets on his winer jacket and explore at 9 tell 10:15.

– Cal Wojahn, Manz Elementary

After his nap with Puppypaws, Santa plays 100 rounds of chess with Puppypaws. Puppypaws wins 40 games, and Santa wins 60.
– Kyle Everson, Putnam Heights

The table would be long enough to see 16 people.

– Max Kagarise, Locust Lane

Later he tests out his sled by going down the biggest hill in the North Pole. It works good! So he has to climb the hill and by the time he gets up the hill he will need to take a nap.

– Ayden White, Locust Lane

If I were in charge of making a holiday dinner I would make cupcake and stuffing. I hope it will be good. I really hope. If it wasn’t good I would be mad. I still will have a great dinner.

– Kaylie, Locust Lane Elementary

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