What Area Third Graders Would Serve for the Holiday Dinner

by Emily
by Emily
If I was in charge of making a holiday dinner I would make turkey. I make turkey by putting it in the crocke pot for a couple of days. Then my dad cuts for light meat and dark meat. He puts it all on a plate on the table. We do this every Thanksgiving. Do you know what else I’ll make? It’s going to be delicious whatever I make! I will make potatoes and I will put them in his machine and the machine will mix it up. Then I mash it up and put it in a bowl. Then the potatoes are done. Next I should make stuffing. How I serve it is that my dad makes it and I put on all the seasoning on it and stuff. The last thing to make is chicken. I make chicken that I have in my freezer, then I put it in my crocke pot for some days and I’m done making a delicious meal.

– Taylor, Locust Lane Elementary

I would start with steak and ice cream and cake for a dessert. In the morning when the party starts I will make oatmeal. At night I will serve chicken and mashed potatoes. Maybe I’ll grill cheese bugers. For Christmas I would bake cookies with the red reindeer on them. And have popovers and citty coktales with cherrys and the mane meal will be terky.

– Collin Ludvik, Sherman Elementary

I would serve mash potatoes, gravy, steak, chicken and dumplings for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, All Saints Day, and President’s Day. The drinks would be sparkling apple and milk. Dessert would be a two-foot tall marble cake, chocolate cake, and five king-size Hershey’s candy bars and snowman rolls. Mmmmmmmm.

– Sebastian, Lakeshore Elementary

For a Halloween dinner I would serve pumpkin cookies and pumpkin cake. I would make two whole turkeys but not the feathers. I would put four candles inside all of the Jack-O-Lanterns and turn all of the lights in the house off. It would be nighttime. I would serve mash potatoes and peas. What I would serve with the mash potatoes is some gravy and I would serve steak with barbeque. Then barbeque ribs with macaroni and cheese. (I love macaroni and cheese.)

– Eric Cooper, Lakeshore Elementary

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